Smart Ideas MEDIA

Smart Ideas Group is considered a leading company in the field of integrated media services, and it offers its services in the fields of media monitoring, opinion polls, advertising and advertising services, public relations, media crisis management, public opinion trend measurement, electronic marketing, corporate and media reputation consultations, and other services.

Smart Ideas organizations recognize the necessity and significance of their contribution to the region’s media Renaissance in general. And Qatar is special, so the group seeks its media expertise in the service of its clients. And, in order to achieve this goal, the Smart Ideas group strives for excellence and provides an integrated concept for institutional communication services and public relations consultations, utilizing a diverse range of best-trained media skills that are well-equipped to deal with a variety of developments.

Group Goals

The Smart Ideas Group seeks to achieve a set of goals through its integrated public media activities. The main ones are described below.

  • To support the development of the media renaissance in the region in general and the State of Qatar in particular,
  • To fully satisfy clients’ needs, whether in cognitive or unaware needs, contribution to supporting innovation and media innovation, and contribution to offering new services that achieve the highest possible satisfaction of customer needs.
  • To access the highest possible market share in the market for media services in the State of Qatar and throughout the Arabian Gulf region.
  • To dedicate the concept of social responsibility in the working environment and to achieve a social impact.
  • To ensure an internal work environment that supports innovation and media innovation, stimulates effective action, and ensures high rates of job satisfaction, 

The Smart Ideas Group is based on the essence of its work: the idea that institutions cannot achieve the desired success and the expected impact independently of their surroundings. Any organization should have a long-term partnership with its community to ensure its continued success. Corporate social responsibility is not just words; there are organizations that take care of clients' wishes and requirements throughout the whole world. That is why the new concept in the form that companies should take, and Smart Ideas Group believes that it is critical to integrate efforts to activate corporations' social role, which ensures understanding of their operational activities in a transparent and integrated manner.

Group Values

The essence of media work in the adherence to these values is the group’s most important means of being followed by the group in achieving its objectives. The most important of these values is as follows:

  • Support for innovation: The group believes that innovation and media innovation are the main operational levers of their activities.
  • Transparency: The group is keen to adhere to various transparency standards with its clients.
  • Credibility: The group is committed to the highest degree of credibility with its clients and the greater environment in which it operates.
  • Social Responsibility: The group believes that commitment to social responsibility is the most important key to success.

Group Mission:

Smart Group’s mission is based on the importance and pivotal role of public media, and its mission is “Providing integrated media services to clients and achieving the highest possible satisfaction of their needs and wishes.”

Group Brand

The essential work of the smart ideas group is based on the fact that its media work launches from the importance of making a leading brand, which is the real link between it and its current and future clients. The brand of the group forms the interface of the group and is the most important expression of its activities, values, and social responsibility. And the group makes sure to develop ongoing and permanent updates to its brand; it is a leader in the local and regional market. 

Group Vision:

The Smart Ideas Group’s vision is to be a “supporting indicator of creativity and media innovation and contribute to the development of media services.”